EUROTANK MARITIME MANAGEMENT S.A. was established in 1984 based on the philosophy, that a company with highly educated staff and thorough shipping experience , could grant a high quality personalized service, tailor made to meet the customers’ needs.

We are a modern dynamic and trustworthy shipping associate, ready to serve your business needs ,irrespective of the difficulty of the task in question.

Our chartering department is active as Commercial Managers for a fleet of Handy and Medium Range size  oil/chemical tankers  employed world-wide.

According to our customers needs, we provide suitable tonnage by means of spot trading, COA and timecharter,
for the transportation of Oil and a wide range of Chemical cargoes.

For the purpose of offering our customers the best possible, all-round services , we are complementary stand-in as competitive brokers within the oil and chemical industry.

Our Technical/Project Department is proficient to assist our customers with all kinds of technical matters . We are able to coordinate on your behalf, a wide range of shipping  projects and can assure the most timely, cost effective and competitive turnaround.



Commercial Managers for a fleet of Handy and Medium Range size oil/chemical tankers  employed world-wide.

Ship Management

Specialized in regional short voyages that requires extra monitoring of the ships operations, and constitutes a challenging part of the shipping business.


We contract over 300 Professional Seafarers and supply our Vessels with certificated and experienced personnel for long and short term requirements.


We have the flexibility to tailor make and customize your needs while maintaining costs within reasonable boundaries.