EUROTANK is Shipping Company operating Oil/ Product & Chemical Tankers.


Company’s Management is committed in implementing safe and sound Ship Management practices in order to promote safe ship operations, and protect the Environment and in particular the Marine Environment.


In order to achieve the above and implement its “Safety, Health & Environmental Protection Policy” the Company has developed, implements and maintains a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in accordance with OCIMF TMSA, IMO’ s ISM Code and ILO’s MLC 2006

The COMPANY’S MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS), includes the following functional requirements:

The Company’s Management System adopts a process approach to sustained operational improvement. This requires the understanding of the Company’s Key Processes, their Sequences and Interactions.  The sequence and mapping of these processes is illustrated in Section 27 of this Policy Manual. The interaction between the different processes is described in terms of references and cross-references within the Policy Statements and/or Procedures.